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Why hire Kaz Design Works?

Kaz Design Works provides creative graphic design services and website design services to help small to medium companies, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout Canada, the USA and beyond transform their marketing material from D.I.Y. disasters to professional quality.

Some of our clients include promotions companies, networking groups and event planners; accountants, insurance brokers, lawyers office and legal processors; coaches, counsellors and mentors; health food stores, sports trainers, shamanic healers and holistic wellness practitioners, industrial energy suppliers, plastic recyclers, gas & welding suppliers; real estate representatives, home stagers and landscape designers; authors, wine connoisseurs and restauranteurs; and a number of charities and not-for-profits.

Our primary focus is on helping Canadian businesses in southwestern Ontario with their website and print material needs. However, we have helped clients throughout Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, as well as clients from the USA, the UK and Australia helping them to create, evolve and maintain their brand in print and on the web.

Many of our clients are ongoing regular clients but we are happy to help new clients who are just starting out, expanding their business or just need a new up-to-date or more professional look for their website and marketing material.

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A recent client had this to say after Kaz Design Works redesigned his website and created matching book mark and brochure:

Karen, I want to thank you for all you've done in building my website and designing gorgeous brochures and bookmarks. I have especially appreciated your hard work, creativity, professionalism and ability to understand my endless questions/tweaks. I absolutely love the finished products and will be proud to show them off! You have certainly nailed the mood and substance of what I was envisioning. I will definitely highly recommend you to any and all looking for website design/graphic design solutions.
John Benedict MD, Harrisburg, PA

When it comes to marketing your company, you need an image that displays professionalism. You need marketing material that says “we are in business for the long haul…you can count on us.” That is just not possible with D.I.Y. flyers and business cards created using non-design programs and clip-art from your computer.

Building your own website using “freebie” templates supplied by your web host and struggling to make your site look unique and professional is not only time consuming for you, but it does not convey the right image to potential customers.

Kaz Design Works loves butterfies. They are not only beautiful, they are a symbol of transformation and like the butterfly, we want to help you transform your company’s marketing material from D.I.Y. to professional.

Whether you need print design or web design, we will help transform your marketing material!

DON'T BELIEVE US? See more client feedback.

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Note: Kaz also provides some illustrative services such as logo design and development, but does not create complex illustrations or info-graphics. For complex works of art, Kaz can either provide you with a list of illustrators and artists or source stock images and customize them to your requirements.